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A cuisine with curry adds a delight to the food. The concept of curry originated from ancient south asia. These area were rich in spice and people prepared the food items spicy.

Curry is used to describe a common verity of spiced dishes, also popular as Asian cuisines , specially the South Asian cuisine, Curry is a more generic term and there are no specified specifications which may declare the dish as a curry , a curry is some thing which is prepared with some distinctive spices which includes cumin, turmeric, fenugreek, coriander and red pepper. The term curry is an anglicized edition of the Tamil term " kari ". which means gravy" or "sauce",

In recent decades the Curry's popularity had spread outward from the Indian subcontinent and today curry is one of the prominent in international cuisine. Inspired by curries, each culture through out had adopted spices in there traditional cooking to suit there cultural sensibility and tastes. Curry is immensely popular in British, Thai and Japanese cuisines.

We have brought some of the very famous curry recipes in International cusines. Just navigate and find how you can prepare these at home.